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About Me

I am a former literature teacher with a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, in addition to being an active member of SCBWI and a member of the kidlit community. I love stories. I thrive on helping others find clarity during the vital and sometimes messy process of turning an idea into a story, but I also enjoy the challenge of enhancing technical documents for clarity and readability.

If you don’t see a service below that meets your project needs, contact me directly; I enjoy new challenges.


As part of the YA writing community, I’ve collaborated with new and established authors. In my educational work, I’ve had the opportunity to tackle a variety of writing and editing projects with various educational and non-profit organizations. Some of my collaborators were kind enough to share their experiences here.

L.M. Klein is a talented and insightful editor whose invaluable feedback has helped me improve my work. Her careful attention to detail and in-depth notes make for a thorough critique, while her respect for my vision means I can trust her input. I’m so impressed with her ability to get at the heart of character motivations and to hone in on important plot points. Working with her has given me a clear view of next steps to take to complete my revision.

~Parker Peevyhouse, author of WHERE FUTURES END (Penguin/Dawson, 2016), THE ECHO ROOM (Tor Teen, 2018), and STRANGE EXIT (coming January 2020)

Laurel is a wonderful editor! Her prompt and regular communication let me know I was a priority throughout the time we worked together. Critique is never easy, but she showed me things in my book I didn’t even know were there and helped me bring them out. She’s the perfect editor to minimize weaknesses, showcase strengths, and renew your enthusiasm for your project. I absolutely recommend working with her. Get ready to fall in love with your novel all over again.

~Kat Helgeson, author of SAY NO TO THE BRO (Simon and Schuster, 2017) and THE CATCH (Four of Us, 2018)

Laurel is one of the most talented editors with whom I have ever worked. She is incredibly adept at helping a writer dig more deeply into character, and is capable of drawing out a writer’s best and richest work. She is not an editor who cleans up punctuation and messy wording (though she can). She is one who teases out the true heart of your story–character motivations, plot intricacies, honesty of voice, and beautiful prose. Laurel will empower you to make your writing stronger. She’ll push you to craft a more compelling story. Her high standards and strong instincts were a game-changer for me in my own manuscript. I simply cannot recommend her enough! You won’t find a better partner for your work in the freelance world.

~Lindsay Lackey, author of ALL THE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS (Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan)

If you have an opportunity to employ Laurel do so immediately, so you don’t miss out on having a great talent on your team.

I hired Laurel as an education consultant to help with an interactive learning experience project that I inherited that was severely off scope, budget and timeline. Laurel was a tremendous asset in getting that project back on track and completed. She understood the challenges of the national office, worked well with the subject matter experts to clearly communicate the content, and listened carefully to the needs and varying desires of our community users. Her balanced and creative approach allowed her to develop innovative solutions that ensured we launched a software program that our education network was proud to use.

Laurel is the complete package – smart, imaginative, and resourceful. She is an excellent listener and communicator. She asks thoughtful questions to ensure she truly understands your project goals, the storyline and the experience you are trying to create. She also stays in contact so you know exactly where her piece of the project stands, and she is receptive and appreciative to feedback.

In addition, it is a true pleasure to work with Laurel. She has a great personality and is fun to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.

~Kathleen Meehan Coop, as Vice president of Education at the Challenger Center for Space Science Education

Services Offered

Full Manuscript Critiques: Young Adult and Middle Grade

You did it! You have a book—or something very near to being one.

First of all–congratulations! You did something most people never accomplish, so fire off those confetti canons.

If you’re here, it means that you’re ready to take the next step and dig deep into revisions. Maybe you’re starting to think about querying and want to strengthen the bones of your manuscript before you take the leap. Maybe you’ve already queried and racked up requests for fulls only to receive vague rejections. Or perhaps you want to give a specific manuscript a new chance, but the feedback you’ve gotten from critique partners, betas, or even editors is pointing at a very different book than the one you want to write. Maybe you’re pursuing self-publishing and need an editor’s eye before you take the next step.

That’s where I come in.

What you get when you put your manuscript in my hands:

If you connected with me at a conference, or you were referred to me by one of my previous clients, contact me. Special rates or packages may apply. And please know that although this level of support allows me to provide the most effective level of feedback to authors, I am able to customize support for a variety of budgets. Just send me a message.

Please note: Manuscript critiques are for full middle grade or young adult manuscripts. No picture books, poetry, short stories, or partial manuscripts. However, if you’re drafting and stuck, send me an email and we can talk about options.  

Trying to choose between editors? Here’s a bit more about me.

Other Editing Services (not for manuscript-length works)

Proofreading (beginning at $40USD/hr for US clients; note that EU clients will be subject to VAT):

Grammar cleanups ONLY for webpages, non-manuscript-length translation work, advertising copy, white papers, etc. This option is best suited to works on solid footing in regard to their content and presentation; no developmental or structural content review is included, and fact-checking is not provided.

I provide all changes in Word with track changes enabled (and an explanation when necessary) so that you can review individual items before committing to your final draft.

Line Edits (beginning at $50USD/hr for US clients; note that EU clients will be subject to VAT):

I offer an eye toward the presentation and organization of content for webpages, articles, and other documents, as well as necessary grammar and syntax fixes. I leverage my background in curriculum and instruction to help you identify ways to effectively move your readers through information and draw their eyes where they need to be.

This option is ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to punch up copy or to ensure they’ve appropriately broken down complex information for their audience. It’s also ideal for international clients looking to hone their English-language websites with the nuance offered by an editor and author with native English fluency.

I provide comments and changes in Word with track changes enabled (and an explanation when necessary) so that you can review individual items before making revisions and committing to your final draft. If you make significant content changes, this option includes a re-read at a 50% discount to review your revisions and offer additional suggestions.

Classroom Study Guides

I am interested in partnering with YA and MG authors to develop classroom guides for your contracted or published novels. Having worked in both classrooms and curriculum development for nearly twenty years, I am comfortable developing engaging questions and activity suggestions aligned to the Common Core to help students and educators dive deep into your text.

Contact me for rates.


Find me @LM_Klein on Twitter to get a sense of who I am.

Please send all editing related correspondence to LMKleinEdits@gmail.com

Please include a title, genre (if applicable), approximate word count, a brief description of the content, and your editing needs. If none of my services quite match your project, send me a description and I will quote you a price if the project is a fit.

Thank you for considering me, and I look forward to hearing from you!